A Balloon Over Sonoma County

The Flight

We fly in the early morning when the winds are soft and gentle. Weather permitting we fly all year round at altitudes from 500 feet to 1500 feet. We welcome you to participate with the inflation of the balloon and witness the "Kaleidoscope" of colors rise from a 9 cubic foot bag to the size of a 105,000 cubic foot balloon. Our whole experiences takes at least 3 to 4 hours with approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of actual flight time. We serve a complimentary champagne brunch after the flight. Should you need personalized service we can help you with winery tours, points of interest and shopping.The Wine Country is rich in history. We invite you to check out our website to get a taste and most of all to spend a day experiencing this wonderful place we call home.

Special Groups

When accommodating special groups or during special events (like the Fiesta), it is sometimes necessary to do hops (passenger exchanges). Some passengers will get to chase the balloon (in our vehicle) and when the balloon lands, they exchange places with those who were flying. Then the balloon takes off again and the earlier passengers now get to chase. Chasing balloons is fun, too, and the challenge is to be there when the balloon lands. During special events such as the Albuquerque Fiesta, take-off times are controlled by the event organizer and later take-offs may decrease the probability of successful passenger exchanges. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it only leaves us the alternative of rescheduling. Ballooning is sometimes fickle and we can't force balloons to behave.


With any form of aviation, there are certain risks. It is important that each passenger understand the critical aspects of a flight, and that they assume the risks inherent, including the chance of personal injury or damage or loss of property.
During flight, passengers are encouraged to call to the pilot's attention. other balloons underneath that may be rising or obstructions in the path of flight he may not be aware of, such as towers, powerlines, or fences.

Landings are the most critical. If higher winds exists, the balloon will tip and drag or may even bounce and bump along. It is of paramount importance that you stay in the basket. In order to prepare yourself for the landing, face the direction of travel and hold very tightly to the superstructure or hand-holds inside the basket, bend your knees slightly, and don't let go until the balloon comes to a complete stop. Keep your hands and arms inside the basket and try to keep your weight off other passengers. Do not exit the basket until authorized by your pilot as he may need your weight to keep the balloon on the ground.

During your flight, it is very important to follow the instructions of your pilot. He is the captain of your aircraft. Ask questions if you don't understand. It's for your safety and is your personal responsibility. You are required to sign an acknowledgement of this personal responsibility and a liability release as a condition of the flight. A parent or guardian is required to sign this acknowledgement in case of minor-aged passengers.



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